Sefalana, Botswana’s Bountiful Granary came into existence in 1974 and was the first company to list on the Botswana Stock Exchange in 1979. We are proud to proclaim that to this day, after over 40 years of operation and an ever-changing business environment, our Group remains the only listed company without a controlling shareholder. This allows us to maintain our status as a truly Botswana company, made for the people of Botswana, by the people of Botswana.

As a Group, we are dedicated to our customers and to maximising return for our Shareholders, whilst at the same time improving the wellbeing of our employees, the people of Botswana and those in other regions where we are present. Each of our business units is driven by an experienced and empowered management team, supported and overseen by our Head Office. Our management principles and performance underpin the way in which we operate. Our staff compliment has increased considerably from just 233 people in 1974 to over 3,400 people in 2019, attesting Sefalana’s promise of sustainability and capability of being an employer of choice!

 Sefalana Sa Rona – Your basket of opportunities 
The Sefalana Group first emerged as a result of a takeover of Bechmalt Holdings Limited, a South African company consisting of 6 wholesale units, 1 maize mill and a staff compliment of only 233 individuals. Through the 4 decades of our history, our Group has built on this foundation and has grown into a large and diverse business, operating in a number of sectors predominantly in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (“FMCG”) sector within Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and most recently, South Africa.