Sefalana Cash and Carry Namibia (Proprietary) Limited (“Metro”)

In 2014, we extended our wholesale and retail operations into neighbouring Namibia and welcomed a new family of stores into the Sefalana FMCG business as the first step in our expansion into the region, in line with our Group strategy.

Our first store in the country was opened in Katima Mulilo in January 2014. In July 2014 Sefalana purchased the Metro Group of 12 stores. In November 2015, we took over an additional store in Swakopmund, bringing the total store compliment to 14 stores. A strong management team leads the operations in Namibia from our Head Office in the capital, Windhoek, which is also home to our Hyper and Liquor stores – both of which are the largest such outlets in Namibia.

From inception, we have monitored the property market in Namibia and have purchased properties in Strategic locations, including Windhoek. We look towards growing our property portfolio in a manner similar to what we have done in Botswana. We are constantly on the lookout for well placed, reasonably priced locations for potential store openings as we work towards our medium-term target of 20 stores across the country.